“Knockouts and Tapouts” is the game that allows players to each customise a fighter in mere moments and then use strategies and tactics of their own design to engage in a fast-paced, easy-to-play, mixed martial arts contest. Wear down or knockout your opponent with a flurry of kicks, punches, knees, or elbows. Throw them to the ground and get them to tapout due to your skillful arm, leg, and neck holds. Defend yourself with positions like the full and half guard, or dominate your opponent in side control or a full mount. This full 90 card deck contains exciting B&W photos of all your favourite MMA techniques, and a full colour easy-to-use playchart that creates a game that makes you feel like your going for the championship yourself. This deck, six dice (not included), and two players are all that’s needed to play. Add more players for a tournament style game. Ages: Young adults and up. Click on a link below to watch a 2 minute introductory video!